So Clean, So Fresh... Can you say that about your dogs smell?

So Clean, So Fresh... Can you say that about your dogs smell?

If you were to give an honest description of your dog's smell you would probably not say they smell "fresh as a daisy." Perhaps if you have just left the groomer with your pooch, you could say that. Maybe you're like me, you have gone "nose blind" to the doggy smell in your home. I was "nose blind", until I wasn't and then I could no longer deny that I needed to do something about that doggy smell!  

There are a lot of dog grooming product choices on the market but at Ellie's Pet Supply we recommend Spina Organics. We've researched and tried other brands, but we always come back to Spina Organics because they are made in the USA and use organic, all natural clean ingredients. Dogs are an important part of our lives, a part of our family and therefore they deserve the very best.

Now my dogs smell fresh and clean!

They're clean, their fur feels so soft, they smell fresh like natural botanicals! That's what you can say about your dogs when you use Spina Organics products!

Dog grooming products you can feel great about!

Spina Organics are Made in the USA. Organic, all natural, vegan, PH balanced, paraben free, sulfate free, Clean and Simple. Choose from Hydrating Body Wash Shampoo, Itch Relief Body Wash Shampoo, Flea and Tick Dog Body Wash Shampoo, Puppy Body Wash Shampoo, Daily Facial Cleanse, Leave-In Conditioner Fur Detangler or Fur Refresher.

Treat your Dog to a Spa Day at home

From puppies to adult dogs, Spina Organics Dog Body Wash Shampoos will wash away dirt and odors, leaving your dog's fur clean, moisturized and smelling beautifully clean. Maintain the clean fresh fragrance with Fur Refresher in Lavender or Floral Mist in between baths.

Looking for a Safe Flea Treatment for your Dog?

Spina Organics Flea & Tick Dog Body Wash Shampoo and Flea & Tick Treatment Spray help keep your dog flea and tick free without harsh chemicals.