7 Reasons Why You Should Play with Your Cat

7 Reasons Why You Should Play With Your Cat

Do you play with your cat? If you don’t, we think you should and here are 7 reasons why…
Number 7
Cats love to play. Petting and snuggling are great, but interactive play is just as important. Most Cats love to play, whether gentle or aggressive play. Interacting with your Cat builds trust.
Number 6
Helps solve behavioral problems. Cats that have consistent play time every day are more satisfied and less likely to exhibit destructive behavior.
Number 5
Helps Prevent Boredom. Playing with your Cat prevents boredom for your cat and stimulates your cat’s mind.
Number 4
Exercise. Just like humans, cats need exercise, especially if they live indoors. Playing is great for your cat’s health and helps prevent obesity.
Number 3
Playing is in their DNA. Nowadays, instead of hunting for food, your indoor cat can satisfy and embrace their hunting instincts by playing with interactive cat toys.
Number 2
Playing with your Cat is Fun for You and Your Cat! Watching your cat pounce and bat at a toy is entertaining.
Number 1
Nurtures Your Relationship. Playing with your Cat nurtures the bond between you and your cat. When you play with your cat, you are sharing an experience and adventuring with them.


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